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The discrimination in the World

- ethnic
- Physical appearance
- Handicap
- Gender identity

Type of discrimination:

Discrimination in the course of work consists of disadvantaging an employee, an intern or a candidate for employment because of certain objective criteria.

26% lower earnings on average

• 40% lower retirement on average for women.

• less valued trades, glass ceiling, differences in career development...

• Sexist attitudes: 80% of salaried managers consider women to be
faced with sexist attitudes or decisions in the workplace»

Percentage of
occupying a
engineering job
or scientific.

In Europe, only
40% of
engineers and
scientists are
of women.

B/ Situation at work: The most
techniques are more occupied by men

But even if the diploma is equal, the remuneration
is different!

net monthly, by discipline of the
master’s degree,
30 months
after obtaining
of the diploma.

Causes of discrimination against women in the world of work:

- wage inequalities

- Stereotypes

- part time work

- School guidance and the choice of courses (diversity of occupations)

- Domestic tasks and pregnancies

Consequences of discrimination against women at work:

-Slowly climb the ladder
-Sexual harassment
-Moral harassment
-Burn out

Solutions to this problem:

- punish discrimination by punishing it by law and with criminal sanctions

- raise wages to the same level

- sensitise companies through awareness training

- develop a corporate culture for gender equality and non-discrimination

IM PAID less than a men !!!!

Hey are
a misogynist?