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Roaring twenties


1.What are the Roaring Twenties

3.Great Depression
4.Great gatsby


What are the Roaring Twenties ?

Moment of liberalisation.
The Roaring Twenties is also in the europe


Al Capone

17 january 1899

He is nicknamed scarface he is condemned in 1931 in jail for 11 years and 50000 dollard fine because of the trafic and because he murdered 550 poeples

Scare of Al Capone

The great depression is an economic crisis, the consequances is that the United State has more and more unemployed person. The companies are in crisis economic. The industrial production has dropped enourmously . This is because of the stock market crash.

The Great Depression

The Great Gastby

It's the story of Nick Carraway who leave his region of middle-west to live in New York for the American Dream. There is a book version and a film version.

The Americain Dream means that anyone living in united states can, thought the hardwork, the courage and the determinationcan succed. It's also equal opportunity.

: Trailer of the film the Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby