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The best places in France

A Tour of France

1st Stop

North West

Brittany, Normandy, Crêpes,
Mont-Saint Michel...


Medium temperature

Best month







Most rainy part of France

Le Mont Saint-Michel

But beautiful landscapes

Is it in Britany or Normandy?

Les falaises d'Etretat

Hiking, climbing, surfing, swimming...

WWII Museums

Fun fact

The American Normandy Cemetary

This small territory is not a part of France. It actually belongs to the United States

It contains the graves of the American soldiers who fought during World War Two in France.

Typical Normandy houses

Les maisons Normandes


Les châteaux de la Loire

Le Château de Chambord

Le Château de Chenonceau

Many places to visit!

Le Cap Fréhel

La cote de granit Rose

La Rochelle

L’île de Ré



Tarte Tatin VS Kouign Amann

The Famous crêpes are orignially from Bretagne. You can roll them or fold them in a triangle shape.You can eat them with literally everything. Chocolate, fruits, vanilla but also savoury ingredients: ham, eggs, vegetables, sausages...

Famous French cheese: made out of cow milk. You can see many cows in the Normandy region

Tarte Tatin: apples, butter, eggs, flour

Traditionally, crêpes go very well with a bottle of cider

Kouign Aman: in Breton (the Britany original language) Kouign means cake and Aman means butter. This cake has the reputation of not being very healthy

The North East

Strasbourg, Reims, Colmar, and Champagne

2nd stop



The Strasbourg cathedral is 142 meters high

Every year, a light show is displayed on the cathedral façade

Medium temperature

Best month



Alsace's Christmas Market

The Strasbourg's Christmas market is 400 years old. It's the biggest in Europe

More than 300 booths each year

You can buy many local and traditional food, souvenirs, handcrafts christmas gifts, decorations...

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Where Champagne comes from

Champagne Ardenne

  • Champagne exists since the XI° century
  • Officially recognized since 1946
  • The Champagne Ardenne region and the Alsace region produce a lot of different wine.
  • It has become throughout the years a touristic attraction: La route des vins
  • Champagne is a registered trademark. Thus, by law, it should be forbidden to call their sparkling wine Champagne if it was not made in the Champagne region.

Noticeable towns




The famous pizza from Alsace: Flammekueche

La Quiche Lorraine

La Choucroute: German influence, sausages, cabbage, potatoes

Bretzel: German influence

South West

Bordeaux, Toulouse, The Pyrenees...

3rd stop

La Dune du Pilat


The Best towns to visit

Bordeaux: La place de la bourse et le miroir d'eau




Toulouse: The Pink City





Ocean and High mountains

From skying in the Pyrenees to surfing on the Atlantic Ocean waves

Hossegor beach: the best surfing spot in France


The Basque Country

The Basque Country spreads accross the Spain and France border. Fun fact: the basque language is a mystery. It does not come from latin, French, Spanish, Germanic languages...but it's there


Le train de la Rhune

Saint-Jean de Luz

Les férias


Cars are forbidden in this little town. Many shops where you can buy local products

The Basque country spreads across the border between France and Spain. The origins of the basque language are still a mystery today. It is not reelated to Spanish, French, Latin, Germanic languages...but it's there...

Espelette, famous for its very hot pepper


A lot of different kind of meats (pork, lamb, duck), beans, carotts, tomatoes

Pepper from Espelette

Blue Cheese: or Roquefort in French


The Principality of Monaco is not exactly part of France. They have their own governement and taxes. French is the spoken language in Monaco.


Another fancy place. Globally known for the Film festival


La côte d'azur

One of the biggest cities in France. Very touristy during summer. Very fancy as well

Saint Tropez

In summer tourists, jet setters, celebrities come here with their yachts to have a good time

Every year in May the French Film Festival takes place in Cannes

La Promenade des anglais: The Boulevard of the English. In the 19th century, many English bourgeois family spent their vacation in Nice. They were disappointed because there were no pavements to walk by the sea. So they decided to raise funds togerther and to create one

The Monaco casino. Monaco is also very famous for its formula one Grand Prix and the Monte Carlo Tennis Tournament

Second biggest city in France

Marseille and Lyon

Marseille and Lyon are the two biggest cities outside of Paris.

The old port of Marseille

Very often compared to Paris. People say Lyon is like Paris in smaller


My home region: Vaucluse

Avignon is also very famous for its Theatre festival. Each year thousands of artists from all around the world come to Avignon to perform their latest shows

Rochegude, my home town

The famous lavender fields of Provence

Le Colorado Provençal

Roman monuments

Le Palais des Papes

L'université d'Avignon


The aïoli sauce is eaten with fish and vegetables. It is made out of garlic, egg yolk, olive oil, mustard

Made with olives. We eat it as an appetizer on toasts

Eggplants, tomatoes, zuchinnis

Soup with many different varities of fish

Mixture of garlic, basil and olive oil with beans, carrots, zucchinis...

Thank you, I hope you liked discovering more about France


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