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The history of British football, is initially linked to the history of rugby.

a brief history of



first rules in football





The first non-school football club



Creation of the FA Cup



Football gained in popularity among the working class.


Angèle Halbert
Estelle Guichard


Change of rules in football


Cambridge rules

It was in England, in 1848, that students from various Cambridge institutions drew up the first draft of the rules of football. These are the Cambridge rules.

Example of some of the rules :

1. At the commencement of the play, the ball shall be kicked off from the middle of the ground: after every goal there shall be a kick-off in the same way.

2. After a goal, the losing side shall kick off; the sides changing goals, unless a previous arrangement be made to the contrary.

3. The ball is out when it has passed the line of the flag-posts on either side of the ground, in which case it shall be thrown in straight.

4. The ball is behind when it has passed the goal on either side of it.


10. Every match shall be decided by a majority of goals.

The Cambridge rules are written on a stone


In 1857, the national sport in England was cricket. With the onset of winter, cricketers were looking for a sport with movement to keep them warm. Soon, soccer became the new national sport. Sheffield Football Club became the first club in the history of soccer.

Since there were no other soccer clubs, players competed against each other. Teams were made up of married men versus single men. Teams could also be drawn in alphabetical order.

The first Sheffield FC match was played in 1860, the players faced their rivals: the club Hallam FC. Sheffield FC won this match 2/0.

In 2004, FIFA gave the "Order of Merit" to the club. Only Real Madrid has this title.

Today, this club isn't very popular, they are in 8th british division.

The club wants to build a 10000-seat stadium to become a well-known club again.

The democratisation of football

31 March 1883. At London's Kennington Oval (a cricket stadium), 8,000 spectators were preparing to watch the final of the 12th FA Cup. For the second time in the history of the competition, the match pitted a working-class club from the north, Blackburn Olympic, against a team from the London middle class, the Old Etonians.

Although it has been around for just over a decade, the club has changed the history of English football. They were the first team from the north of England to win the FA Cup, 4-1 against a middle-class team.

The FA Cup final of 1883 symbolised the transition from a football generally confiscated by the English social elite to one 'democratised' by the industrial bourgeoisie.
The workers' passing game ended the domination of the big schools and so football gained popularity among the working class.

This was the democratisation of football.

Blackburn Olympic team in 1883

Federation Association CUP

The English FA Cup, officially the Football Association Challenge Cup or Emirates FA Cup, is a knockout football competition founded in 1871. The FA Cup is the oldest football competition in the world.

Click on the link it will explain in a few minutes the history of the federation association cup

English football association

On 26 October 1863, the first Football Association was created in England, under the name of the Football Association. This date also marked the birth of modern football, with the application of its first universal rules. It was 11 clubs meeting in a London pub to preside over football with the working class to form the Football Association.

It was with the creation of the English Football Association that the sport received official legislation.
The original 13 rules of football were enacted. The codification of these rules provided a standard framework for football matches.
The rules prohibit kicking and touching the ball with the hands. This includes the length of the pitch, how to score a goal and the offside rule.

It was at this point that rugby and association football in England separated. It was then that the oldest football association in the world, the Football Association, was founded.