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19th century

Who started it all ?


Creation of the Football Association


The first FIFA World Cup

If you want to watch a three minutes long video showing images of the 1930 worldcup final opposing Uruguay and Argentina you can click on the picture under this text.

Spoiler alert : Uruguay won !!


Cambridge rules


Creation of FIFA


From London to the entire world

If you want to learn more about the creation of football, more precisely in England, this timeline is made for you. Let us tell you a little bit more about where, when and even more everything began…

Who had this brilliant idea ? To be completely honest with you, English people did not create this sport. A sport that looked exactly like football was already played way before in China. But in england, everything began during the early 19th century when many football clubs were created in British public schools*. This sport was, at the beginning, a very violent sport.

British public school* is the equivalent of our private schools here in France

It was during the 19th century that the first rules of football were created. They are named the “Cambridge Rules” because in 1848, a group of students linked to the Cambridge university met there. They created a set of rules, more precisely 11, which included rules such as ; forbidding holding, pushing and tripping. They also agreed on the interdiction of taking the ball with the hands. It was the first time that football had known any laws.

July 1930, when the competition began

We bet that you all know the pleasure and the stress of watching a world cup’s football match. But do you know the origin of this competition ? The first FIFA world cup was held in Uruguay in July 1930. The first match took place on the 13th of July 1930, opposing France and Mexico. Lucien Laurent, a french soccer player, was the first one to scorred.

Finally, the Uruguay team won the first FIFA world cup. This new competition led to what we all enjoy today.

For information, the English national football team won the world cup once ! It was in 1996. And they haven't win again since it.

But who knows, maybe 2022 is their year ?

Click on the FIFA logo to watch a three minutes video about the creation of FIFA, and enjoy !

In 1863, on the 26th of October, many London Clubs met in a pub in London called “the Freemason’s Tavern” in order to discuss a bunch of rules, which obviously changed over the years. Some of the clubs were from public schools (which is the upper class) and others were from the working class. They just wanted to establish a bunch of rules like others did before (for example Cambridge Rules) but surprisingly people represent this day like the creation of the modern football game.

To discover more about the football association, you can read the amazing article linked to the picture.