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Queen Elizabeth and artistic representations


and her art

Get ready for your project !



1. Classical representation

2. Family portrait

3. Institutional portrait

4. Pop Art

5. Neo Expressionist

6. Street Art

Classical painting

Explore who took the photo and who painted the Queen.
Find the symbols on the pictures.

Your turn:
experiment drawing the portrait
of the Queen.

Family portrait

Discover an other role for the Queen in the photo album of the Royal family.

Your turn:
Mimick a Queen's family photo.

Institutional portrait

Work on the very serious and practical portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

Your turn:
Create and explore ink pads.


Meet Andy Warhol and his techniques. Discover why he represented the Queen with many colours !

Your turn:
experiment silkscreen printing


Analyse and understand this new expression mode.

Your turn:
reinterprete a picture of the Queen and give it your twist.

Street Art

Discover who is Banksy and in what museum these paintings are displayed.

Your turn:
experiment stencils.