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Jordan Sonnenblick

The author of Notes from the Midnight Driver

Presented by Yousra, Selin, Louis and Gabriel

About Jordan

the role of music

His books

the novel NftMD

Yousra, Selin,, Gabriel, Louis


Why did Jordan decide to become a novelist?

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His inspiration
why did jordan decide to open first chapter sad?
Drums, Girls& Dangerous Pie reference


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Jordan Sonnenblick

Author of books for children and young adults

About Jordan

- was born July 4th 1969 in Fort Leanard Wood Missouri
- is an english teacher for 14 years (3 years in Texas, 11 years at the Hackettstown
- loves to play guitar, bass and drums
- he likes to read and study different languages
-has written 11 novels
- Frank McCourt has thaught him writting lesson and made him a good author
- after graduation he married his wife and moved to pennsylvania with his 2 children
Schools he went to:
- New York City´s Stuyvesant High School (1987)
- majored english on the University of Pennsylvania

Personal Life

His Books:

  • Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie (2004)
  • Notes From the Midnight Driver (2006)
  • Zen and the Art of Faking It (2007)
  • Dodger and Me (2008)
  • Dodger for President (2009)
  • Dodger for Sale (2010)
  • After Ever After (2010)
  • Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip (2012)
  • Are You Experienced? (2013)
  • Falling Over Sideways (2016)
  • The Secret Sheriff of Sixth Grade (2017)

Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie

Who inspired the author for his first book?

  • his first novel
  • wrote for his student whose brother was battling with cancer

Why did Jordan decide to become a novelist?

  • used to read a lot of different book genres
  • mostly read fantasly, science fictons and comic books.
  • A fantasy novel '' The Dark is Rising'' inspired him to become a novelist

Childhood Inspiration

  • His grandfather was a writer and inspired him to become a writer too
  • was so impressed noticing his grandfathers name on the spine of the book, so he also made it in his books

The Novel ''Notes from the Midnight driver''

  • inspired by his troubled student who was treating his substitue teacher horribly
  • made him write an apology, but wrote a weasely excuse note instead

  • his grandfather got really sick and he had to fly to florida to be with him in the hospital
  • his name is also Soloman and is jewish like that character Sol in the novel

His inspirations

Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie reference

  • Steven and Annette are the main characters, who play drums in a band in D,G&DP who are also mentioned in the novel Notes from the Midnight Driver as couple who played in Alexs concert

Why did Jordan decide to open the first chapter of the novel sad?

  • Alex had to take care of a dying person
  • so they attract the readers into reading more into the story why he has to take care of a dying person

Jordan's relation to this novel

  • Alex and Jordan have same favorite baseball team NY Yankees
  • Both parents are divorced which made Jordan insecure and withdraw for 6 months

The Role of Music in NftMD

  • Music and Melody play a significant role of NftMd because jordan playing jazz was what he loved when he was a teenager
  • Sonnenblick always wished someone would write a teen book that nailed down how he felt when he plays the drums

  • Alex express a level of Interest in Music
  • a large part of his development takes place after he builds a relationship with people (Sol) who are more interested in music than he is.

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