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by: Lyell Aniversario

Individual case presentation

1. Who was involved?

2. Background

3. Situation

4. Hofstede scores

5. Analysis / Implications

6. Suggestion / Recommendation

Table of contents

Who is involved?



- in South Korea for her semester abroad

Meng Meng

- in South Korea for his semester abroad


- moved back to South Korea for work




- born & raised in Germany

- raised in English
- Chinese & Filipino blood
- raised to be pretty independent

Meng Meng

- from China, Tianjin

- younger than Lyell
- first time abroad


- born in Korea

- moved to Japan & grew up there
- older than Lyell
- went to an International school in Japan



- did not notice before
- when hanging out with them, whether at a restaurant, cafe or just going for a walk

- I was not allowed to get my own things (water, chopsticks, tissue paper, etc.)

- got put on the safe side of the sidewalk, while walking

- got seated on the more comfortable seat & not the normal chair

Hofstede scores


80 - Power Distance

20 - Individualism

60 - Power Distance

18 - Individualism

China - pink

South Korea - blue

Germany - black

35 - Power Distance

67 - Individualism

Power Distance


Analysis / Implications


China & South Korea

  1. Common regardless of age, that the male handles basic actions when a female is involved.
  2. Feel like they failed their position as a male & have not respected the female in the situation



  1. Common to act on their own
  2. did not need to let other people do tasks for me that I am capable of doing on my own
  3. gave me the feeling, as if I was not able to do easy tasks

Suggestions / Recommendations


they only have good intentions in mind

in their means, it is a way to show respect & being reliable

try to understand that there are Asian women who are easygoing & western culture is different

growing up in a Western culture, I as well have to learn a lot about my heritage culture

try to understand that most Asian guys are raised to treat women like that

try to comprehend that not every Asian women is used to their way of treating, between a male & female relationship

Thank you for your attention!

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