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101 essays that will change the way you think

By briann wiest

01 Introduction

02 Structure

03 Emotional intelligence

04 Dicomfort

05 Happiness

06 Review



Of the book


  • 101 Essays, written by herself
  • nonfictional
  • dealing with multiple topics, come all down to one final message
  • short introduction, bullet points
  • Precise language
  • some reoccurring messages

What is emotional intelligence?

  • Emotional intelligence does not mean that you control your feelings until they are nearly gone
  • feelings are temporary; the pain of holding on/ suppressing them, is not
  • not possible to change how we feel
  • sometimes cannot explain feelings rationally

"You cannot selct emotions. You are either in accrod with their flow or in RESISTANCE to their nature. In the end, the choiCe is yours ."

Brianna Wiest


And what we dO wroNg


The power Of diScomfoRt


  • Sign of change, do not confuse it with unhappiness
  • feeling lost means you are becoming more present
  • we are incapable to predict what we want, that is not something we already know
  • familiar discomfort feels like comfort
  • we look for safety in a rapidly changing world

What is happiness? (For you)


BreaKing the upper limit


  • psychologically incapable of being able to predict what will make us happy
  • can only create what is known
  • happiness is not a state
  • “Upper Limit”
  • it is NOT suffering until you achieve something

"FinD meaning and joy in the work you do, not the work you wish you diD"

BRianna Wiest



  • made me realize how much influence I can have when I have control over my mindset
  • a lot of aspects that I never thought about
  • Not an ultimate guide to happiness, but helps to understand how it works
  • will keep in mind some statements she made

Any questions left?