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This is (Not) America?


1. Impuls und Vorwissen

2. This is not America

3. Eduardo Galeano

4. Gruppenarbeit

  • Was ist die Aussage des Liedes?
  • Wie wirken Bild und Ton auf dich?
  • Welche historischen/kulturellen Referenzen hast du verstanden?
  • Welche Bilder waren besonders beeindruckend? Welche besonders verstörend?


"Along the way we have even lost the right to call ourselves Americans, although the

Haitians and the Cubans appeared in history as new people a century before the Mayflower pilgrims settled on the Plymouth coast. For the world today,
America is just the United States; the region we inhabit is a sub-America, a
second-class America of nebulous identity.
Latin America is the region of open veins."

Eduardo Galeano: Die offenen Adern Lateinamerikas