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about japan and its history, culture and people


By Dena and Karina

  1. Japanese History
  2. Japanese Culture
  3. Japan Today
4. Interesting Facts about Japan and its People


Japanese History

The Japanese traditional culture was founded based on the Shinto religion and other religions while incorporating those, and has changed with times

The history of Japan is long, unique and blighted by many conflicts. The ancestors of the indigenous Ainu and Yamata people arrived on island around 12,000 BC. The country´s first permanent capital, Nara, was established in 710 AD, at the same time as the emergence of the present-day Imperial dynasty.

Japanese Culture

In a nut shell the Japanese culture is broad and is build up from many traditional roots. These roots range from the religious beliefs, the norms and values in marriage and other ceremonies, all the way to language that the Japanese speak.

However the culture of Japan has changed greatly over the miliennia from the country´s prehistoric Jomon period to its contempporary modern culture, which absorbs infuences from Asia and other regions of the world

  • Japenese Pop Culture includes but its not limited to things like manga, anime, video games, popular music and more
  • Traditonal Clothing. Wafuku is the genreal term used to describe all traditional Japanese clothing.......

  • Traditionals festivals called matsuri
  • Music and Dance
  • Arts and Literature
  • Food and drinks
  • People and Society

Japan Today

Japan is located in archipelago consistent of almost 7 thousand Island. About 73% of Japan is forested mountainous. There are more than 1.500 earthquakes. Japans population is estimated at around 128milion. The largest city which is Tokyo with 13,370,198 population followed by Yakohama with 3,709,686, and the third largest city is Osaka with the population of 2,685,481. Japan is the Third biggest economy in the world. Also Japan has one of the lowest crime rates and is considerate one of the safest country in Asia.

Interesting Facts about Japan and its people

  • Sports in Japan are popular for Karate and Sumo wrestling but they also like baseball and football...
  • Education in Japan is quite expensive as there are very high competitions and therefore to archive success you have to compete a lot.
  • Japanese love to sing karaoke as well as anime books and series.
  • In Japan gambling is Illegal.
  • Its good manners to slurp your noodles, its a sign of enjoyment.
  • Taking power nap on the jobs is encouraged and means that you are dedicated to your job.
  • There are more pets in japan than children.
  • Japanese trains are always punctional.

The End