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Welcome to Happyland

a Workshop of Katharina,Sina,Leyla and Veronika


1. What does it mean?

2. Behavior

3. Opinion

4. Effect

5. Discussion


What does Happyland mean?


Tupoka Ogette calls the place where white people live before they get in touch with the definition of racism "Happyland".

What behavior do they show?


  • being called a racist is the biggest insult

  • react very emotionally (anger)

  • they worry more about being called a racist than about racism itself

  • convinced not to be racist

What opinion do they represent?


  • No doubt that racism is bad and awful

  • Only intentional racist behavior is racism,they determine if a person of color is aloud to feel hurt

  • No responsibility for other’s perception and emotions


What effect do they have on other people?


- skincolour doesn't matter to them

- want to be regarded as individuals
- beeing white is suspicious / invention
- only a place for certain people
- exist at expense of others
- injures and degrade people without noticing

What they really cousing:



Step 1

3-4 minutes discussion of the group question

Step 2

presentation of the group results

Step 3

additions in the class plenary

Working Part

Thanks for listening!