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Our English-speaking country


English speaking country

New Zealand

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1. Geographical situation

2. Historical background

3. The political system

4. Economic situation

5. Social situation

6. Culture and traditions

6.1. Litterature and cinema

6.2. Food

6.3. Music

6.4. Celebrations

Geographical situation

  • New Zealand is located in the Southern emisphere in Ocenia.
  • It is situated in the South East of Australia.
  • This Isle is in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Its capital is Wellington.

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Before the Europeans discovered New Zealand, there was a people living there called the Māori. They came from Polynesia by navigation. In 1642, a Dutch navigator, Abel Tasman set foot for the first time for a european man in this isle.

Hystorical background



Like the Great Britain, New Zealand has a parlementary political system. The Prime minister is the leader of the country.For New Zealand, it is Jacinda Ardern.

But the formal head of state is the British monarch, here Queen Elizabeth ||.

Political system

New Zealand has a population of 4.7 millions of inhabitants in 2018.
The HDI of New Zealand was about 0.921 in 2019 which is a very good HDI.
Indeed, it holds the 14th place of the classment.

Social situation


The New Zealand GDP is about 205.00 USD Billion in 2021.
It is a highly-developed-free-market-economy country.
New Zealand is the 52nd-largest national economy in the world in 2021.

It is an attravive country for the tourists (around 3 900 000 tourists in 2019).

Economic situation

New Zealand: Gross domestic product (GDP) in current prices from 1986 to 2026(in billion U.S. dollars)


*estimate from 2021

6.1. Cinema and literature

6.2. Food

6.3. Music

6.4. Celebrations

Culture and Traditions

6.1. Authors and actors

Cinema and literature

The movie director Peter Jackson filmed the famous saga The Lord of The Rings based on J.R.R. Tolkien's book universe in New Zealand because of the fantasy landscapes we can find there, which are perfect for Middle Earth, Tolkien's magic land. By the way, the premiere of the third movie in Wellington (2003) was very big and impressive.

Edoras, Middle Earth, Arda https://hipwallpaper.com/edoras-wallpapers/

Mount Sunday, New Zealand https://www.flickr.com/photos/flissphil/538189210

Athors and poet

Katherine Mansfield

Elizabeth Knox

Vincent O'Sullivan

Actors and film director

Taika waititi

Lucy Lawness

Russell Crowe

The New Zealand culinary culture is varied. Among all the specialities we can find the New Zealand lamb, the Pavlova and the crayfish.





The beginning of the New Zealand music culture is the Maori music. Nowadays, the genres are more various (Classical · Hip hop · Jazz · Country · Rock · Indie · Reggae · Blues).



Dave Dobbyn,
a current musician of New Zealand


A Maori music instrument : the "putorino"

The New Zealand celebrations calendar has some silimitarities with other calendars (Valentine's day or Easter), but it has its own events like the national day, on the 6th February (the Waitangi Day in memory of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 between the British and the Maori).



Women singing for the Waitangi day.



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