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St Patrick's day

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Please create a mind map about St. Patrick's Day into our Kursnotizbuch under Platz für Zusammenarbeit. I have created groups for you.

10 Facts you need to know

1. Once upon a time

St. Patrick is one of the most popular saints of Ireland. A legend says, he brought christianity to Ireland. He also made the shamrock popular and he rescued Ireland from a snake plague. St. Patrick's day is on the day of his death and is a national holiday in Ireland.

2. An official holiday!

The day has only been a holiday since 1903. The green isle is mainly catholic and St. Patrick's day falls onto the first day of the fast, which is why it was usually a quiet holiday. In 1960 a new law allowed pubs to open on this day, which is when celebrations started.

3. Also known as Maewyn

St. Patrick wasn't an Irish man named Patrick: His real name was Maewyn Succat and he was British. The legend says he was sold to Ireland as a slave when he was just a teenanger. He was religious and fled back to England. There he became a priest named Patrick and he started to convert the irish-celtic heathens to Christianity. Celtic druids were his rivals which is why he wasn't as popular back then.

4. Freeing Ireland from snakes

The legend says that St. Partrick freed Ireland from a snake plague. However, biology says that snakes were never in Ireland. One explanation is, that the snakes are a metaphor for the heathens who were converted by St. Patrick.

5. Beloved shamrocks

It is said that St. Patrick used shamrocks to explain the holy trinity to the Irish. The Celts believed that every shamrock has a meaning which is why the use of shamrocks was very successful. St. Patrick founded many churches, schools and monasteries and he made the shamrock popular.

6. It may get green

Green is everywhere: in hair, clothes and even food. And we aren't talking about spinach. We're talking bagles, pancakes and even drinks, everything that you can colour will become green. The colourful fun doesn't end here: rives and monuments and even skiing areas become green. Only the Irish beer called guinness stays as it is.

7. Green is the new blue

Although everybody and everything becomes green, St. Patrick probably preferred blue. Proof is still on old Irish flags. During the Irish rebellion in 1798, wearing shamrocks and green became popular and a symbol of belonging to Ireland. And it stayed this way.

8. Onto the parade!

One of the best ways to celebrate is to visit a parade. Interestingly, many of the biggest parades take place outside of Ireland because of immigrants that spread into the whole world. But also in the capital of Ireland, in Dublin, is a parade every year.

9. Cheers!

On St. Patrick’s Day Guinness is drunken three times more than usual. Nearly 13 million pints instead of 5.5 million on a regular day. That means people drink 150 pints per second.

10. Yummy!

Corned Beef and Cabbage is a typical meal on this day - although this meal has been invented by Irish immigrants in New York. That might explain why more than 11 billion kilogramm of beef and more than 900 million kilogramm cabbage are eaten on this holiday.

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