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Roll the dice and go. When you get to a place with a star, click on it and do the exercise. If you can't do it, go back three steps.


Say three things you can do in Greenwich.

Ask these three questions:

the boys / play / computer games ?

Jay / like / dancing ?

Tony and Lou / be / mice ?

What is the name of this ship?

Where do you have to go to stand on the Meridian Line?

Give short answers!

Is Tony a mouse?

Does Olivia play the sax?

Do Lucy and Olivia speak German?

What is the name of this country?

What is the name of this famous sight?

London is the ____ of England.

Westmister Abbey is a big ___ in London.

Put in the pronouns!

Big Ben is a famous sight in London. You can see ___ from the river.

The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace, but you can't visit ____.

There are horses in front of her house. You can take photos of ____.

What does DLR stand for?

What animal is Timmy?

What does an English person say for "Drück die Daumen"?

K____ _____ f____ c______!

Name three animals that you can see at Mudchute Farm!

Say the opposites!

boring <=> _______

good <=> _______

to ask <=> to ________

Who are they?

They don't live in the jungle.

They eat everything.

They love dirty places.

They don't like barbecues. (Grillfeste)

They're pink.

They say "oink, oink".

What is the name of this country?

What is the name of the river in London?

What animals live in the Tower of London?

(They're black...)

What do you say when a person says "thank you" to you?

Talk about these activities.

I often ....

Dave sometimes ....

Luke and Dave ....

Where does the Greenwich Foot Tunnel start?

Bad luck! You must go back five steps...

Put in the prepositions.

Mudchute Farm is ___ the river from Greenwich.

Arches Leisure Centre is great ____ swimming.

At Madame Tussaud's you can take photos ___ our favourite stars.

Where do you go to see Giant's Causeway?

Say three things you can do at the weekend.

People in England don't like it if you j___ the q____.