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Andy Warhol



1. Biography

2. Most famous artworks

3. Marylin Monroe's portrait

  • American artist born in 1928 in Pennsylvania and died in 1987 in New York
  • Painter, musical producer, author, for his films
  • He is one of the leading representatives of pop art
  • Objects from everyday life and artistic experience
  • Series of portraits of celebrities


+ Info

  • Light blue background
  • His hair is darker, he wears a red jacket, and on his face there are blue reflections
  • Highlight the artist and bring out his face

Michael Jackson

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Campbell’s Soup Cans

  • Silkscreen print of an everyday object that can be seen every day
  • Industrial soup cans
  • In the red part there is the brand name and in the white part the type of soup

Marylin Monroe's portrait

  • Andy Warhol painted the singer and model Marylin Monroe in 1967
  • All these portraits are the same, the only thing that changes is the color
  • The colors used are always very different and opposite
  • The use of different colors allows to highlight on each portrait
  • Her beauty, and the most attractive and seductive parts of her face stand out