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Let's celebrate Diversity!

Tolerance Week

An eTwinning group project by M. Chanchiri, R. Dridi, L. Fischer, B. Kanesamoorthy and S. Salem
A collaboration between Universität Stuttgart, Univerisät Hohenheim, PH Ludwigsburg
and our eTwinning partner from Tunesia

Our Goal..

• was to create an implementable model kit for a "Tolerance Week"

• to create and provide a plan and material that can be carried out in any school

• cover up all big topics around diversity and educate on them


Racism and Discrimination


Cultural Diversity


Different Religions


Gender Diversity


Inclusion Awareness


Our Tolerance Week

Our programm was designed for a schedule consisting of two parts:

  • Part 1: 8am - 12pm - informational input on the daily topic
  • Part 2: 1pm - 5pm - fun activities and games

Racism and Discrimination

Part 1 : 8am - 12pm:
1. Start by watching the short film "Schwarzfahrer“ with English subtitles :
- Get a questionnaire to fill out by the pupils
- Ask the pupils about their opinion while waching the film
- Create discussion questions regarding the short movie and let the students in groups talk about it

2. Talk about different forms of racism and discrimination by showing the pupils specific acts of hatred towards specific minority groups

Part 2 : 1pm - 5pm:

1. Privilege Experiment with the pupils
2. Guidelines on how to act against Racism and Discrimination:
Present scenarios of everyday racism and discrimination that minorities face and let students come up with ways to act in those moment

Cultural Diversity

Pupils will bring:
• 1 item, 1 piece of clothing, and 1 traditional dish/sweet/drink/from their own culture
• Students should think about their own culture in advance
• Questions


Theory: 8am - 12pm

• Ice-breaking:-> Greeting ritual as a game
• Short reflection
• Video about cultur vs. tradition
• Multiculti vs intercultural;

After discussion:

• Students match the items to their respective cultures
Students present their objects and clothes.->Circle
• Speed dating Game:
• Do/Don'ts,
→ focusing on similarities!

Reflection/ Feedback

Activity: 1pm - 5pm


• Talking about celebrations during picnics
• Questions
• Kitchen: Cooking- 1 recipe/ Salad

Different Religions

Part 1 Theory: 8am - 12pm

plenary discussion with the students to activate their prior knowledge about different world religions

→ picture cards on the board:
• Symbol/s of religion
• important buildings like temples, mosques, cathedrals
• ritual objects like candelabra, scroll, chalice
• garments and clothing such as a kippah, headscarf
• people at prayer

→ Group work: What is Religion?
(Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism)
→ What distinguishes and connects the religions?
(Prophets, religious rituals, prayer houses,)
→ Working with different materials on the different religions (Interviews, Dialogues, Informationstexts)

Part 2 Activity: 1pm - 5pm

Group activity:
The students will visit the following religious institutions in Stuttgart/ Ludwigsburg:
• Islamic center • Synagogue
• Christian Church
• Sri Sitti-Vinayagar Hindu-Tempel
• Buddhistisches Zentrum Stuttgart Sumati Kirti

Part 1 Theory: 8am - 12pm

→ Through a cooperative group activity and facilitated role play students develop an understanding of the negative effects of gender stereotyping and related behaviors. This activity also helps students to identify
messages we receive in terms of gender roles and

→ Introduce pupils to the Identiy Continuum (Biologial sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression). Invite pupils to think beyond the binary.

→ Definition Game --> Introduce pupils to terminology (i.e. cisgender, LGBTQ+), different flags, different pronouns

→ Discrimination that the LGBTQ+ Community faces (include intersectionality)

Gender Diversity

Part 2: Activity: 1pm - 5pm

→ Expert Groups with the jigsaw learning strategy
  • Pride around the world
  • LGBTQ+ rights around the world (i.e. marriage)
  • Unheard Voices
  • 10 ways to make my school safe for the LGBTQ+ community
  • 10 ways how I can be an ally

Inclusion Awareness

Start: Cropped picture of Nick Vujicic gets shown - Pupils describe what they see

Discussion: What is a human/ makes someone a human?
• Collect the answers and create a panel picture on the (chalk/ white) board
• The finished panel picture will be a venn diagram with 3 circles:

1. Circle: Human Beings (body parts, senses, emotions, etc.)
2. Circle: Distinction without Disabilities (appearance, culture, interests, etc.)
3. Circle: Distinction with Disabilities (eg. glasses, white canes, etc.)
Discussion: What kind of disabilities do you know?
• Group work/ Completion of the collected items in plenum with a wide range pool of (un)common disabilities
• Possible Categories: Physical and mental, visible and invisible disabilites

Afternoon activity: Scavenger Hunt throughout the Schoolhouse
• Teams of 5 students - each with a different "disability"
• Stamping stations throughout the schoolhouse
• Collection of stamps only possible as full team
• First team with all stamps wins
→ Reflection: Is our schoolhouse handicapped accessible?

Artwork by HerborealArt

Nick Vujicic


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