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by Jessica Bartel

Little Women: How different is the movie from the book


1. Louisa May Alcott

8. important book scenes that didn't get mentioned in the movie

2. Facts about the Novel

3. Characters

4. chronical order of the book

5. historical background

6. chronological order of the movie

7. general differences and particularities of the book and the movie

9. Reviews

10. Movie scenes

11. Conclusion

Louisa May Alcott

  • Born 29. November 1823 in Germantown, Pennsylvania
  • Three sisters -> Anna, Elizabeth, and May
  • loved writing -> wrote melodramas and acted them out with her sisters in front of an audience
  • poverty led to her pursuing different jobs
  • died 6.March 1888 (two days after her dad)


  • coming-of-age novel
  • point of view; Third person Omniscient
  • Past tense
  • written during and after the American Civil War
  • it´s a semi-autobiography

Facts about the novel


Josephine March/ Jo

- was played by Saoirse Ronan
- second oldest sister

Elizabeth March/ Beth

- played by Eliza Scanlen
- the second youngest child
- musically talented

Theodore Laurence/ Laurie

- played by Timothee Chalamet
- their neighbour
- clever

Margaret March/ Marmee

- played by Laura Dern
- has good morals
- is the mother

Amy Curtis March

- played by Florence Pugh
- the youngest sister
- cares a lot about appereance

Margaret March/ Meg

- played by Emma Watson
- oldest sister
- very caring

Robert March

Hannah Mullet

Aunt March

James Laurence

John Brooke

Professor Friedrich Bhaer

Fred Vaughn


Sisters go back to work and school

deeper relationships explained

spending time at the Laurence´s

Gift for and from Beth

Attending a ball

first appereance of the "Laurence Boy"

Chronological order of the book

getting to know Laurie and Mr. Laurence

Amy burning Jo`s book

Jo proposing that Laurie joins their acting club

Meg recieves a glove from Mr Brooke

Picnic with Laurie and the vaughnes

Meg staying with a friend and attending parties

Meg recieving critisism from Laurie

Chronological order of the book

Taking breaks and dealing with chaos at home

Talking about their dreams and how Laurie can`t follow them

Telegram from father and Marmee leaving for a while to take care of him

Beth recovers after becoming dreadfully ill

Jo`s first time giving her manuscript to the newspapers

Laurie revealing that Mr. Brooke has Meg´s other glove

Beth going to the Hummels

contracts an Illness
Amy got send to stay with Aunt March

Chronological order of the book

Laurie writing a love letter in the name of Mr Brooke --> got in trouble

Mr.Brookes asking Meg to marry him in a few years

Meg defending him in front of Aunt March because of his non-existent wealth

Meg gets married

Mr.March coming back

Jo being angry because she feels like she`s loosing Meg

Three year fowards jump

Meg is about to get married
War is over

Chronological order of the book

Amy is more into her art and decides to throw a party with only one person showing up

Meg gets mad because of their money problems

Meg gets pregnant

Amy gets to meet Fred Vaughn again and is planning to accept his proposal

Jo enters a writing competition and ends up winning it

send the money to Beth and Marmee to go to the sea
published the first novel

Amy working at a fair

Amy got chosen to go to Europe with Aunt Carroll
Jo is dissapointed as she hoped to go

Chronological order of the book

Beth is falling in love with Laurie

Jo goes to New York because she has a feeling that Laurie is falling for her and thinks that they aren't compatible

Jo writes stories for a newsletter in NY

Returns home for Lauries Graduation

Beth and Jo going to the sea and Beth confessing that she feels like she`ll die soon

Jo meets Bhaer

he gifts her Shakespear books and teaches her German
enjoyed herself at a masquerade

Laurie confesses his feelings for Jo and gets rejected

Laurie and Granddad leave for Europe

Chronological order of the book

Amy and Laurie met up and attended Ball together in France

look at each other differently now

Death of Beth

Jo gets lonely and misses Beth

happy for Laurie and Amy
writes more

Fred Vaughn proposes to Amy

--> rejected
Amy and Laurie mourning
Laurie proposes --> Accepted

Chronological order of the book

Laurie and Amy staying together in Nice for a month

Amy giving Laurie an eye opening conversation
Laurie goes to his Grandfather

Laurie, Amy and Mr.Laurence are back home

Bhaer shows up

Jo and Bhaer run into each other

him saying he`ll leave for the west
they confessed their feelings for each other

Jo opens a school

Amy and Laurie decide to support people with money

Aunt March passes away

Chronological order of the book

Was written during the American Civil War

Women were dependent on their husband and couldn`t really decide something for themselves

Historical background

Jo sells her stories in New York

Amy is in Paris and meets Laurie and talks about the rejection from Jo

Jo attends a play and a party afterward with Friedrich Bhaer

Jo talking to Professor Friedrich Bhear

Meg buys the silk

Chronological order of the book

flashback from 7 years ago and Meg and Jo getting ready for the ball

Jo writing a book in New York and receiving the Shakespeare books from Bhaer

Jo lets Bhaer read her text and not being able to receive his criticism well

Jo and Laurie met formally for the first time

danced outside the house
went back together as Meg sprained her ankle
Laurie met the March family for the first time

Amy attends a ball with Fred Vaughn and Laurie ruining it and arguing with Amy while being drunk and with multiple female companies

Chronological order of the movie

Jo received the letter about Beth´s condition and returns immediately

getting a surprise breakfast from the Laurence´s

Reading a letter from Mr.March

Jo arriving back in Massachusetts and Bhaer asking for her

Flashback to Christmas

gifting their breakfast to the Hummels
trying to rehearse a scene
The Laurence´s watching them from a distance

The March sisters playing their play in front of an audience

Chronological order of the movie

Holidays are over

Girls going shopping
Amy tells her sisters about the limes and getting Money from Meg

Amy got in trouble for sketching her teacher

Laurie´s and Amy's first real interaction

The Laurences welcome the Marchs and offer them the things they desire

Mr.Brooke finds Meg´s glove

Jo spent time with Aunt March and argued with her about the importance of marriage and her parents

Aunt March offers Jo to go to Europe with her

Jo´s first time at the Laurence´s

The Marchs meeting Mr. Laurence and Mr. Brooke

Chronological order of the movie

Jo arrives and takes a look into the letterbox

Jo gets back into the house

gets a warm welcome

Amy burns Jo´s story

Amy and Jo fighting

Jo proposing to have Laurie in their acting group and Laurie got chosen after a quick discussion

Jo and Meg going to the theather with Laurie and Mr. Brooke

Chronological order of the movie

Amy tries to get Jo´s forgiveness

Jo and Laurie go ice skating
Amy breaks into the ice

Beth woke up to Jo and Jo takes care of her

talks about Amy and Laurie

Beth is playing the Laurences piano for the first time

Mr.Laurence listening from the distance

Amy catching a cold and Jo having a long conversation about her anger and feelings with her mother

Meg is on her way to a ball

Jo gives Laurie a ring
Beth gets the opportunity to play the piano at the Laurences and takes it
Laurie shows up at the ball and criticizes Meg
Laurie dancing with Meg

Chronological order of the movie

Meg and Mr.Brooke arguing over poverty

Meg apologizing

The March sisters going to the seaside with Laurie, Mr. Brooke, and Fred Vaughn

Mrs. March helps the country by packing things for the ones at war

meets a man on the way to his injured son and gives him extras

Laurie visits Amy while she is drawing and discussing her dreams of an artist and the picture of women in society and Fred Vaughn

Beth and Jo at the seaside

Beth making Jo promise to continue writing

Chronological order of the movie

Marmee receives a letter from the military and quickly makes her way to her husband

Meg´s and Mr.Brooke´s first cheek kiss

Amy and Laurie talked about his grandfather

Laurie telling Amy to not marry Fred Vaughn and her telling him how she felt about him the whole time a few years ago

Beth goes to Mr.Laurence to thank him and he noticed that she has a fever

gets diagnosed with scarlet fever
Amy gets sent to Aunt March

Jo cuts her hair and sells it to give her mum money for her father and crying afterward

Beth making a pair of slippers to thank Mr.Laurence and visiting the Hummel´s

recieving a piano as a gift

Chronological order of the movie

Jo reading Beth a story she wrote at the seaside

Beth tells Jo that she isn't afraid to pass away

Aunt March being fond of Amy and promised her a ring

Mr.Brooke telling Meg to take care of Beth and that he´ll look after the kids

Jo taking care of Beth the first time she gets sick

Fred Vaughn proposing and Amy rejecting it

Chronological order of the movie

Beth gets healthy

Beth´s death and her funeral

Jo rejects Lauries proposal

Mr.March comes back

Meg´s and Mr.Brooke´s wedding + Amy gets invited to europe

Chronological order of the movie

Laurie and Amy went back and got married

Jo begins to write Little Women

Bhaer showed up and left after a while

Jo going to the train station to confess her love to him
Little Women getting printed
The March´s opening of a school

Jo writing a letter and putting it into the mailbox

Laurie talked to her about the marriage with Amy
--> Jo threw the letter into the lake

Aunt March´s death

Jo sending her story to New York

Chronological order of the movie

Clear seperation of girlhood and adulthood --> Chapter One = girlhood

--> Chapter two = adulthood.

A better understanding of the relationships between the Characters

The struggle of growing up and being a woman in a society is more obvious

Not in the chronological book order

--> jumps back and forth between the past and the present

Scenes have different color settings for girlhood and adulthood
--> warmer color for scenes about girlhood
--> colder colors for scenes about adulthood




They got closer to Laurie in a different way and met his grandfather in a different situation

Amy going to Europe without Aunt March

The time when they got judged by kat Vaughn because of their poverty

How Jo and Friedrich Bhaer got ended up together

Laurie's proposal to Amy

Meg´s and Mr.Brooke´s love story

How Amy got punished by her teacher

Book scenes that were different from movie scenes or not even displayed

  • "A timeless classic that I enjoyed just as much now as I did when I first read it at school"
  • " I found myself scanning the book because of its slow plot. There aren´t many exciting events to keep the reader hooked throughout"
  • "I was a bit surprised by how Amy and Laurie are written. Having now read the book, I feel that no one has yet truly captured their essences on screen"
  • "That feeling when you spend the whole majority of the book desperately longing to be a Jo, but end up realizing you´re actually just a beth
  • "Alexa, play "Champagne Problems" by Taylor Swift"

Book reviews

  • "We enjoyed the movie but some of the editing choices made it difficult to follow the story and to differentiate between the times when the girls were younger teenagers and when they were young adults"
  • "This chronological shuffling jolts the story awake and nudges the viewer to pay close attention"
  • "Though Alcott`s work has been adapted many times before, Gerwig`s movie could rightfully become the definitive adaption

Movie review

The contrast between the past and the present is very noticeable in those two scenes. As Beth gets to be healthy in the first scene, which is colorful, whereas in the next where Beth passes away everything gets cold and gloomy

Beth´s last christmas

Laurie and Jo dance outside of the ball hall

Both, the book and the movie are something everyone should´ve watched or read at least once. Just to see the sisters growing up together is a very refreshing feeling and might make you think about memories of your childhood