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United Snates, Snakes and Ladders, quiz, 5ème


Rules of the game

Roll the dice!

Snakes and Ladders
the United States

Rules of the game:

Make teams and choose your token. Place the tokens in the middle.

Roll the die. Go to the square indicated by the die. (If you have a 6, nothing special happens.)

Click on the button and answer the question.

If you win, play again. If you lose, the next team plays.

If you land at the bottom of a ladder you are lucky : go up the ladder! (If you land at the top of the ladder, nothing happens.)

If you land at the top of a snake, you must follow the snake and go down . (If you land at the bottom of a snake, nothing happens.)

The first team arriving at the end is the winner.

Have fun!


You're lucky: go up the ladder!

You're not lucky: go down the snake