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Trip to the "Island"

When a school trip turns into a scary challenge.

This way

Before you start

There’s no denying: you're in trouble. But is it your fault? Once again, your teachers made you and the whole class walk five kilometers to the so-called “island”. Honestly, you absolutely love sports – football for example. But walking, seriously? That’s for old people. And "Island" sounds good, but it's just a boring sports field by the river Isar and you're not allowed to go anywhere near the river anyway. Too dangerous, haha.

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Let's face it: any normal teenager would try to sneak away from class for a short while to at least explore the forest by the river.

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Nobody could have guessed that there are underground passages here. Suddenly the earth gave way under you and now ...

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... you're stuck in a dark, damp hole - probably an old well - and you have no idea how to get back up. The walls are all slippery - no chance to climb up. Not to mention that you hurt your shoulder in the fall.

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... you're stuck in a dark, damp hole - probably an old well - and you have no idea how to get back up. The walls are all slippery - no chance to climb up. Not to mention that you hurt your shoulder in the fall.

Stop whining. Focus. Where’s your smartphone?

Thank God, it’s still in your trouser pocket and it looks okay. Oh no! No connection. So much for that.

You switch on the light of your smartphone and look around.

There is some sort of tunnel. Should you follow it? Or should you just stay put and wait till somebody might find you? If somebody might find you!

SUDDENLY you see a faint glow of light.

Seems you are a very curious person. That’s good. Think of what Albert Einstein said.

But there’s no denying: Sometimes curiosity can get you into trouble. And that’s where you are now. If you want to get out of this dark, damp, smelly cave you have to proof that you have made some good use of your time during English lessons. But first you have to find the 5 messages hidden in this room. If you manage you will get to the next room. Maybe you can escape from there ...

Don't know how to go on from here? Touch the paperclip.

"I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious."

Oh come on - this has to be a joke! Did your teacher plan this situation? Now, that can’t be. Imagine her digging holes for weeks and months just to scare you – don’t get paranoid. Even she can’t be so mean and she definitely isn’t strong enough and anyway the whole idea is absurd. So don’t think about why you are trapped, focus on how to get out.

What's that? You hadn't noticed the strange spots on the floor before. Might be a good idea to have a closer look at them.

Need help? There are three words you have to find. Start with "N"

Löwe - Bein - Nashorn (Kurzform) - Fleisch - Tiger

If you don't know the words use a dictionary.

Do you understand French? No? Then guess or use a dictionary.

Another message - but you can't read it. Suddenly you see a piece of paper on the floor ...

You know how to deal with QR-codes. But this one is different. Before you can scan it you need to finish it.

Did you notice the animal in the cave? What is it?

Click all the letters that you need to write the English term for the animal in the cave.

Scan the code and get your next message.

Just another gloomy room? You are beginning to feel really scared. Will you ever be able to get back to your classmates? Sometimes you tell them that they are all daft - but hey, they must know you don't mean it. Even your teachers aren't that bad after all. If you will ever get out of here you promise to be nice to everyone.

And what's that - flying books? You got almost hit by one. 📓

You start looking for another message.

You want to get out of here? First you have to "read" the books and do all the exercises. For each exercise that you finish successfully you will get a number. Write it down. You'll need it.

And maybe you should look for a key ... Your smartphone is some kind of torch, isn't it.

You're absolutely shattered. What a day! You've never before been so happy to see your classmates. And you even made it into the news. Anyway: This definitely hasn't been a boring outing - though you promise yourself to be a bit more careful next time. So what: