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by Alexia


1. Title page

2. Who is my role model?

3. About her

4. Her favourite things

5. Her past

6. The end

who is my role model?

I choosed my mom as my role model because she is one of the most important person in my life and i can tell you a lot about her.

About her

Name- Adriana Maria Costoiu

Age- 34

Birthday- 24.07.1987

Birthplace- Romania

Family- my dad Alex Costoiu,my little sister Ari and me

Job- seller

her favourite...

...color- purple

...animal- bunny

...food- pasta

...show- game of thrones

...hobbies-go out with friends/family,travel

her Past

She moved to Spain with my father when she was 18 and then had me at the age of 21.

5 years later we moved to Germany and then with 32 years she had my sister Ariana.