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By -> Thomas moreau-bouty


1. characterisation

2. SWot : Strengths & Weaknesses
3. pestel : Opportunities & Threats



  • CCO = Adam Silve
  • Purpose = Not for profit, offers services
  • Sector of activity = National
  • Legal statue = Association
  • Human Resources = 400 players, 30 coaches
  • Financial Resources = 6 billion $
  • Materials resources = Stadium, bus, basketball equipment per franchise
  • Intangible resources = advertisements, live match on TV,




  1. First basketball association in the world
  2. The league has been perennial since its creation in 1946
  3. One of the richest sports leagues in the world
  4. NBA players have one of the highest salaries in global sport
  5. The presence of legends of the game such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant
  6. Huge fan following in the USA
  7. Distribution and marketing of the products in the world

  1. Most of the European and Asian market is yet to be tapped
  2. Competition from several other sports leagues

swot / pestel



Political Factor :

tap into the global fan base by hosting exhibition matches outside the U.S.

Technological Factor :
Mobile application where there are the results, the statistics of the matches

Economic Factor :
fluctuating currency values and epidemics can affect its business activities

Legal Factor :
It must comply with the regulations developed by FIBA and react to any changes.

Environmental Factor :
The association pollutes a lot with all the transport, the television

Social Factor :
It brings together all types of people and cultures