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How to write an article


Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

Main construction

Esto es un párrafo listo para contener creatividad, experiencias e historias geniales.

  1. Heading / Title
  2. A line having the writer’s name
  3. Body (the main part of the article, 2 – 3 paragraphs)
  4. Conclusion (Ending paragraph of the article with the opinion or recommendation, anticipation or an appeal)

follow the steps!

watch out for mistakes!

keep in mind!

  • Not using facts or quotes or similar cases
  • The language should not be too formal
  • The article must be in easy language for better understanding
  • The title of the article must be catchy and clearly understandable
  • No use of paragraphs
  • Expressing personal views is fine but the author must never talk about himself/herself

  • The topics of the articles should be unique and relevant
  • The article has to get attention
  • It has to be interesting
  • It has to be easy to read
  • The reader is identified
  • Find the main goal of writing an article. The goal can be anything from providing information, entertainment, and advice or for comparing, etc.
  • The title must be eye-catching, clear, and interesting
  • The introduction or the starting paragraph must be highly attentive. Use your vocabulary skills or try to use some interrogative words for the start
  • Use clear statements and make assertions
  • Avoid repetition and over the top logic and reasons
  • Use the style of paragraph writing and write the contents uniquely and unambiguously
  • Avoid using the points which interest you only and not for the general public
  • Write a good and logical ending

  • Before writing an article:
  • Target Audience: Identify the concerning reading group
  • Purpose: Find the objective or aim of writing the article
  • Collect & Select: Gather as such information as possible. Also, identify the details that are most significant
  • Organize: Arrange the information and the facts in a logical way

    While writing an article:
  • always use proper grammar, spelling, and proper punctuations
  • Use vocabulary skill
  • Keep the introduction of the topic catching, interesting, and short
  • Discuss the opinion and the matter in an organized and descriptive manner

example article

Imagine you were on a desert island. What would you miss most? Write an article briefly describing an important object, person or place in your life and give reasons for your choice.
The best article will be published and the writer will receive £500.

Write your article in 140- 190 words in an appropriate style on the separate answer sheet.

Sample answer:

Have you ever thought about the most important possessions you can barely live without? Would they be your bare necessities on a desert island? Well, for me it’d definitely be my mobile accompanied by a solar charger and a week supply of my favourite chocolate.

Reading books and taking photos are just a few of daily activities I’ll be occupying myself with during the lonely stay on an island, hence the latest smartphone and a solar charger are my top items. An abundance of ‘me-time’ guaranteed on an island, which I’ve lacked for ages, would come handy when devouring Stephen King’s and Jeffrey Archer’s ebooks.

Skills I’ve learnt on a survival course will definitely help me get by on an island however as I’m a chocoholic, I’d definitely opt for a week supply of my favourite chocolate bar. Having mastered tricks like catching a fish or igniting a fire without a lighter, which even Bear Grylls will praise me on, can hardly replace heavenly delicious Milka chocolate.

I don’t know how you feel about staying on a desert island, but I can guarantee I would be far from bored. Just imagine all those hot sunny days and warm starry nights with my favourite book and mouthing-watering chocolate.

(209 words)