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Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, in the Kingdom of Württemberg in the German Empire, on 14 March 1879.

When was Einstein born?

His parents were Hermann Einstein, a salesman and engineer, and Pauline.Pauline was born in Cannstatt, Kingdom of Württemberg. She was Jewish and had an older sister, Fanny, and two older brothers, Jacob and Caesar.Hermann Einstein was born in Buchau, Kingdom of Württemberg and was a engineer.

Who where his parents?

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist, widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest physicists of all time. Einstein is best known for developing the theory of relativity.

Who was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein is justly famous for devising his theory of relativity, which revolutionised our understanding of space, time, gravity, and the universe. But relativity is only one part of Einstein’s prodigious legacy. He was equally inventive when it came to the physics of atoms, molecules, and light.

What did he do?

When we refer to the "Theory of Relativity" what we actually mean is general relativity. Special relativity is a "special case" of general relativity. The combination of these two principles helps explain many subjects varying from the motion of the planets, the effect of gravity on light to the existence of black holes.

What is the theory of relativity?

  • Einstein went on to present his findings mathematically: energy (E) equals mass (m) times the speed of light (c) squared (2), or E=mc2. The secret the equation revealed—that mass and energy are different forms of the same thing—had eluded scientists for centuries.

1955: Albert Einstein dies. Albert Einstein has died in hospital in Princeton, New Jersey, aged 76.

When did he die?

Albert Einstein died of a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. Taken to the University Medical Center at Princeton, he refused treatment.

How did he die?