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Little Rock Nine



· Definition

· Their names

· History before 1957

· How did they affect the history?

· First day of school

· Today

· Conclusion

· The Little Rock Central High School


  • african american students

  • attended all white public school

  • Little Rock Central High, Arkansas

Their names


History before 1957

.• Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
—> segregated schooling is unconstitutional

• white schools for African Americans

Little Rock Central High School

  • originally called Little Rock Senior High

  • plans for gradual integration

  • much opposition
—> 'The Capital Citizens Council' and 'Mother's league of Central High School

• segregation laws: separate schools for white and black

First day of School

  • strong enough to face resistance

  • Arkansas National Guard blocked entry

  • Eisenhower sent troops to accompany the LRN

—> national attention to civil rights movement

After a while...

  • Life became difficult

  • got bullied, physical harassment

  • Brown's mother got fired

  • Only one who graduated there was Green

Picture of Elizabeth Eckford

How did they affect the history?

• school became a civil rights museum

• helped to fight racism

• honored by President Clinton

• Little Rock Nine Foundation



• all of them graduated

•many of them became journalists, social activists

• Carlotta Walls is President of the LRN Foundation .
• films and documentaries about them








Content and discussion questions

  • What were the difficulties on their first day of school?
  • For what did Bill Clinton honor the Little Rock Nine?

  • Imagine you are one of the Little Rock Nine before and during your first day of School, how would you feel?
  • How do you think the Governor Fabus's deployment of the Arkansas National Guard looked in the eyes of people outside the U.S.A. who looked to the country as a land dedicated to freedom?