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Oral Presentation

the physics of lightning

By Léo & Louis


  • Nature, causes...

  • Countries with the most lightning phenomenon

  • Consequencies, death per years...

  • How to avoid those risks, how to prevent

What it is

What are the risks



What the lightning is?

- Giant spark of electricity
- In the air, cloud, ground
- Natural phenomena on earth
- During summer


Risks of lightning

- 100 deaths / years in US
- By cardiac arrest, electrocution, burns

Deadly natural phenomenon :


Saving acts


How to protect ourselves and help others ?

- Avoid high places (mountains, buildings)

- Go inside a bulding or shelter
- Don't go under isolated tree

- Do not enter in contact with water or any electrical equipment

- Stay away from door and windows, close them all
- Have a lightning rod

If someone is struck by lightning :

- check if they have a pulse
- call for help or any emergency number (911)

A person strike by lightning do not retain an electrical charge

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