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Louise weiss



Who was she?

Louise Weiss is a French woman who was born on 1893 and died on 1983. She’s a woman of letters, a feminist and a political woman. Graduated in literature at the Oxford university, Louise Weiss pursued a career in journalism with the weekly newspaper « L'Europe nouvelle », thanks to which she campaigned for peace and she defended the opressed nationalities.

She was really engaged, and defended the women rights. She fought for the liberty. She was considered the grandmother of Europe.

Feminism can be seen as a movement to end sexism, and Louise Weiss was a propagandist for feminism. It can be seen as a movement to end sexism.

Her fights

The journalist created The Louise Weiss Foundation in 1971 and donated an annual prize that rewards authors or institutions that have contributed the most to the advancement of the sciences of peace, to the improvement of human relations and to efforts in favor of Europe. The Scientific Council of the Louise Weiss Foundation awards this prize each year. It was awarded in particular to Helmut Schmidt, Simone Veil, Jacques Delors and Médecins Sans Frontières.

The Louise Weiss Prize