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Escape Game

To start the escape game, read the first page of the book

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There is an audio, in this audio, there is mistakes, you have to spot the mistakes... That's all.

Among those 3 words, which one was misspronoced?

Hundred Monk Castle

Among those 3 words, which one was misspronoced?

Years Blade Monastery

WRONG !!!!
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It was the good awnser, follow the indications of the book

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Which are the squares where you should put mirrors ?

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In this riddle, there is a circle of light and you got 3 mirrors. You have to put 3 mirrors to reflect the light to the altar. The light which is reflected by the mirrors can go to 4 directions up, low, left and right. When you have resolve the riddle, to go on the next page, type without capital letters and spaces, all the squares where you put mirrors.

Congatulations !
Continue to follow the indications in the book


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Click here and enter the secret word to see if you had the right awneser

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In the book, you can see crossword. When you have finish the crosswords, to go to the next page, you have to type the secret word

Well done, follow the indications of the book

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Click here when you have decode the phrase




On the table, there is a cesar wheel. On the book there is a phrase and you have to decode it.

Well done

You have recover the keep's key !
Press the button to go in.

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When you have finished the riddle, click on the button and type the last case of the riddle


This riddle is the most hard to understand :

So you have to choose 1 person of the group to be the "mute". On the table there is a paper. Only the "mute" can open it but he is not allowed to say a single word once the paper has been opened. On the book there is a plan of the room, which is cut into slabs and some slabs are trapped. And the "mute" has on paper the plan of the room on which the trapped slabs are shown.

The "mute" must therefore explain without speaking the slabs on which to pass.
When you have finished, go to next page and type the slab on which you arrived.

Well Done !

You have finished this riddle and the next one is the last


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The last riddle

What is the name of this castle







Where does,the elder monk come from


1 5

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