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Information Croatia :

  • currency : 1 kuna croate = 0.13€

  • time zones :

  • official language :

central european time


  • price of trips :

the average price of 7 day trips is
$1.602 for a solo travel

  • president :

Zoran Milanović



an average temperature of 22 to 30°C in summer


It's capital of Croatia

a little

The Croate arrived in the 6th century and organised the territory into two duchies by the 9th century. Croatia was first internationally recognised as independention 7 june 879 during the reign of Duke Brau

Croatian specialtys


Black risotto :

Many people's favorite rice dish is the creamy risotto which, with its seasonal and local ingredients, will be the star of your plate. The particularly attractive variant of this dish is the black risotto with cuttlefish, which, in addition to its exceptional flavor, attracts attention with its unique color obtained by adding squid ink.

Strukli :

Here is a typical dish of Croatian cuisine, inherited from the Zagorje region. This region is located north of Zagreb, and with its continental climate, it is characterized by cold and snowy winters. The štrukli sa sirom have the shape of small comforting cushions during cold periods. They are stuffed with fresh cheese and baked. A dish to enjoy hot in winter with a good glass of red wine from Zagorje.

take a blue lagoon tour

(rich man's mushroom hunt )

go truffe



blue cave
of bisevo



Parc nationnal of Plitvice

44° 52′ 40″ N, 15° 36′ 52″ E


Grand parc hotel in croatia
5 stars

Menu of tradition

  • statue of gragur nin

the tradition of grgur nin statue in crotia is to touch the toe of the statue for good luck

  • Split

On the feast day of their patron saint, Croatian towns are decorated with flags. It is often the occasion for the inhabitants (children in mind) to put on the traditional costume. In Split, on the second Sunday of May, a colorful procession celebrates St. Dujam within the walls of the old town.