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Prison Break


I - The presentation

History :

Lincoln Burrow was put into jail for a murder that he did not commit. His brother Micheal, try to everything to unjail him. Nothing happened and Micheal makes a Bank Robbery for put into the same jail than Lincoln. He wants escape the prison with him brother. One day, they success to exit the jail but now they are wanted in all the country. They have a lot of problems...

Scene :

Prison Break is a series about 2 prisonners, they escape every prison. The series was recorded in 2005.

The series take place in Chicago.

II - The characters

Michael Scofield

Lincoln Burrows

Brad Bellick

Theodore Bagwell

Alexander Mahone

Sarah Tancredi

Fernando Sucre

III - My opinion

My rate : 5/5

I think this is my best serie ever. I like evrything. The characters , the decors , the story. The main character is very determined and very intelligent. The series is very gripping and when we finish an episode, we want watch another. The genre of this serie is suspens and action.