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Surprising Guyanese creatureS

Wich one are we going to talk about ?

1. Pepsi heros


3. Mata mata

4. Matoutou

If you are disgusted easily , dont look please

Pepsi heros or the wasp who hunt siders

  • Hunt the one of the biggest (if not) spider in South America: teraphosa leblondi
  • Lay eggs on the spider
  • 2nd most painful sting of wasp
  • Live alone
  • Make a lot of noise when she is buzzing around
  • Very beautiful

Pepsi heros or tarentula hank

Amblypyge or the blind spider looking like


  • This creature is from the arachnids family
  • They are kind of blind and live at night
  • With their antennas, the search preys and when they find them, there is no escape
  • They can not harm a human
  • When they feel light on them, they just stay and stop where they are

Matamata or the wood turtle


  • Freshwater turtle, they imitate wood and leaves on water
  • They can eat everything that can fit their mouth, and they have pretty big jaws
  • They stay in the bottom of the water, don't move much, bird are so quick they can even catch bird
  • Can not bite you and are docilely

Matoutou the plush spider

Matoutou or the sweet tarentula

  • From the tarentula family, the only thing they can do to hurt you is their itching powder like haire they got when they are very old
  • Some species in the wild got venom, because after all, they are tarentulas, it's not very harmful
  • They are in danger because they are very fragile and aficionados love them

Claire Vacquier, who loves those creatures

Thank for your attention and dealing with my approximately English accent !