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questions about

Funny learning

1. How can learning be both serious and fun ?

2. Which methods do you use to make learning fun then ?

4. Why should I want to know more the EU?

3. Alright it does sound fun, but when does it get serious ?

5. How do I start ?


Here is the thing! Our brain is seeking excitement, interactions and autonomy, which trigger memory. By integrating such approaches to your learning experience, you make it more likely that you will actually remember what you have been studying!

We rely on interactive materials, games and role-playing exercises to make sure you get the best possible experience while acquiring new knowledge.

The fun approach is a tool designed to convey the knowledge we have been eager to share with you about the European Union, its institutions and history. Our pedagogical ingeniors are experts in the field and our scientific community is top-ranked.

The European Union is a major actor of the political life of both of its member states and the outside world. Depending on your field of activity, it can also impact your studies or your job and will surely influence your future. Wouldn't you want to understand what's going on up there?

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