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Saint Patrick's Day 2022

Organized by Alexis,Leho,Timothé



Where ?

In Dublin

If you come you can go by bus with everybody because it's green

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Why celebrate Saint Patrick ?

Because he is the first patron saint of Ireland.This title is attributed to him because he evangelized Ireland by explaining the trinity with the shamrock .

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The menu is after.You will be thrilled


If you are dressed in green You will go the parade


If you want you will visit saint patrick cathedral


Eat and drink

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the parade

At the parade we will meet people with we learn about somethings,there will be live bagpipe music,and beautiful tanks.The atmosphere is exciting because there are many people

Porter Cake


Irish soda

The Guinness Pudding.

“Saint Patrick” cupcakes (made with Irish beer)

Irish shortbreads.




The cathedral

The building is on a source, where Patrick of Ireland baptized his faithful.

The history of the cathedral is interesting because it was completely rebuilt, so nothing remains of the original buildings. The origins of the cathedral date back to the 5th century. If you are believing you will can pray.

Dress code

Come with a Saint Patrick symbol like:
- the sahmrock
-the pot of gold
-a fiddle...