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child labourd

Belko Eloïse 1ASSP


1. describe the problem

2. consequence for working kids

3. the end of child labourd

4. source

describe the problem


child labourd is the participation of minors in activites for economic pur poses ans is more or less closely related to the exercise of a profession by an adult

  • 28% of child laboures aged 5 to 11 are not enrolled in school

  • 35%of child laboures aged 12 to 14 are not enrolled in school

out of 59.1 million

16.5 million work in industry

31.4 million work in service

11.2 million work in agriculture

+16.6 million


79 million of then work in dangerous jobs

in sahara africa

in 4 years

the consequences for working kids


  1. work atheir age can be dangerous they can get injured with toels because they do not do easy work
  2. the children should stop working because they do not heva a life at 5 years old they dont go to school they dont play outside or at home
  3. they get up in the morning go to work go home and sleep then they doe this ebery day

the consequence for working kids

the end of child labourd


children do not go to school but to work which is not good for then it is also dangerous for them to do adult work

infact there is the low of 1959,the united nations organization drafts the declaration of the right of the child ,leadrs have to apply the low so that children do not works

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