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5. Arkangel

1. Oral comprehension : Big Brother

2. Homework - 1984

3. CCTV in London

4. CCTV at school


6. Europe worried about U.S. spying

7. Whistleblowers webquest

8. Final task



Anticipation - Brainstorming

Look at the pictures, describe them and guess the theme of our new chapter


Chapter 4: Is Big Brother watching us?

Notion: Places and forms of power

Oral comprehension - Big Brother

Listen, take notes and try to reply to these questions, in your notebook :

1. What’s the French equivalent of the Big Brother TV show?
2. Who created the character of Big Brother? What is the title of his novel?
3. What is the society described in the novel like?
4. What is the role of Big Brother? Say why screens have been installed everywhere.
5. Explain what people are encouraged to do.
6. Nowadays, what is the name “Big Brother” associated with?


Homework - Big Brother

Read, write your answers in your notebook.


Discussion - 1984

1. What about our society ? Are we observed?


4. Do you think we live in a society similar to the one descrobed in 1984?

3. In what ways?

2. Do you think it's still relevant to speak about Big Brother, today?

Observe and describe the following document



Observe and describe

1. Where is it?
2. What does it make you think about?
3. Which type of cameras are there?
4. What is this type of place?
5. Why?
6. Would it make you feel secure or watched?


Read, comment and discuss


Read, comment and discuss


Read, comment and discuss


Read, comment and discuss


Written production - give your opinion

Where do you think it is okay to put cameras ? Why ?
( 50 mots minimum)


Observe and describe

What is today's class subject?


CCTV at school - Watch and take notes

3 watchings, take as many notes as possible


CCTV at school - Prepare for a debate (training)

According to what you learnt in the first lessons, and what you heard today, prepare yourself to give your opinion about the use of security cameras at school.

We'll hold a debate during next class, everybody is expected to voice and share his or her opinion.


Oral comprehension - Arkangel

Watch, listen, take notes to reply to these questions:

1. What is "Arkangel"?
2. What can "Arkangel" do?
3. Did the mother implant her daughter with Arkangel?


Arkangel - Prepare for a debate (training)

1. Would you become tempted to use Arkangel with anyone (boyfriend/girlfriend, your own children)? Why or why not?

2. Do you think there will be something like that in the future? Why ?


Europe worried about U.S. spying

Read the document
Answer the questions
Then, write an account in English (training)


Whistleblowers webquest

& oral presentation

As a group, gather up information to prepare and give a short presentation for the rest of the class :

1. Introduce the whistleblower you've been assigned
(Who is he/she ? What is/was his/her job? Nationality?)
2. When did it happen ? What event(s) happened or followed, as a consequence?
3. In which structure / company did it happen ? Where?
4. Where is this person nowadays? Is he/she still alive? Employed?


Oral comprehension & written production - Mr Robot

3 watchings, take as many notes as possible
Introduce the document and propose a personal analysis, in French. (Don't forget to justify!)

In a second part, give your opinion, in English, on one of the proposed subjects.


Oral comprehension & written production - Mr Robot

A - Do you download copyrighted content (music, movies, TV shows...)?Do you consider this practice as a crime? Justify.

B - When does hacking become a crime? Justify and give examples of "hacktivism", based on "Mr Robot trailer" and your personal knowledge.

C - « Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. »
Benjamin Franklin.
Do you agree or disagree with this quote from one of the American founders? Justify.