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In the united states,Texas attacks parents of transgender minors

Parents under investigation for the first time in texas


The texan law

How did it end up

The Family under investigation



The consequences of the investigation



In Texas, the transition of a minor is considered "abuse"

Parents can be reprimented if they agree to treatment and surgery for their child's transition

A Family is for the first time, under investigation on march 1, 2022

The mother of the Faily was denounced by her employer

The investigation was very traumatising for the young girl

She Threatened to be separated from her parents or to have her treatment stopped

the family was accompanied by an organization: the organization of the defense of the human rights

they managed to stop the investigation


questions :

1. How is the transition of a transgender minor considered in texas ?

2. When the investigation began ?

3. By whom the mother of the family was denounced ?

4. Of what was the girl was threatened with ?

5. What is the organisation that accompannied the Family ?

answers :


1. it's considered as "abuse".

2. March, 1, 2022.

3. She was denounced by her employer.

4. To be separated from her parents or to have her treatment stopped .

5. The human rights organization.

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