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The Tang Dynasty is an imperial dynasty that ruled from 618 to 907.

It's a golden age in Chinese civilization: there were 60 million inhabitants in 618 and around 100 millions at the end of the Tang Empire.

The Tang Empire

One of the biggest cities of that time is Changan (Xian today). Located at the end of the Silk Road, Changan is the capital city of Tang Empire.

The city hosts a lot of merchants coming from all over Asia but also from the Middle-East.

In the Middle East, Muhammad starts the Hijra in 622. The Hijra is the migration of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina.

It's a very important event that marks the birth of Islam.

In France, it is the time of the “lazy kings”. The Merovingian dynasty is on the decline.

In the year 800, Charlemagne would be crowned emperor and ruled over a large part of Europe.

Sorry to break your heart French people, but Charlemagne is rather of Germanic culture. Moreover, he spoke a language close to the current German and not at all the ancestor of French (that's also why the French language is closer to German and English languages than Spanish or Italian for instance).

In Latin America, it is the apogee of the Mayan civilization.

In Africa, a group of Berbers founded the Songhai kingdom, one of the most powerful African kingdoms that ruled over western Sahel for a few centuries.