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How addicted to the Internet are you ?

1 ) What do you do as soon as you get home ?

I play video games directly.

I'm going to play outside with my friends .

I' m doing my homework.

2) Do you have a talent ?

I am strong in painting and drawing.
Yes, to video games.
Yes, sport, especially.

3 ) How much time do you spend on the screens ?

About 3 hours a day.
I very rarely maybe even never.
All the time.

4) How many friend have you got ?

I don't have many friends.
Lots of friends but on the social networks.
I have 4 very good friends.

5) What do you do first in the morning ?

I have breakfast and i look at my message.
I have breakfast.
I'm going to play on my computer.

You have a majority of :
You hate the internet. Is cleary not your world. But
maybe you cloud join a computer club to at least
know the basic.

You have a majority of :
You are reasonable, you know when to stop.

You have a majority of :
If you continue like this you will become a robot!
You are completely addicted , you are even disconnected from the reality . So you should make
real friends (of the real world) and learn to stop !