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Starbuck is a private American company created on March 30, 1971, its head office is located in Seattle it has a lucartif purpose and the goal is generates profit. The main activity of starbucks is that it is specialized in the holding and operation of cafeterias.The size and economic sector of Starbucks it’s a large company beaucause she possesses 346.000 employee in 2018.


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-Starbucks sales are up.

-The interior of the cafes is warm.
-they have a good reputation

strength and weaknesses


-the products offered are expensive

-production ingredients such as coffee are on the rise
-some products are not suitable for everyone

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-Group established in developing countries

-Expansion of product lines

opportunities and threats


-trademark counterfeiting in several countries

-strong competition in the market
-Developed country markets are saturated