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the sugar glider

the blue tree frog

what it look like ?

where it lives ?

how it can injure people

-the sugar glider-

The sugar glider measures approximately 16 to 20 cm .

its coats is grey ,with black and white spots .

It is native to eastern and northtern Australia , and he lives in open forest

the sugar glider is not know to be dangerous to humans or smalls animals

  • that marsupial are abla to glide up to 45 metters and have been observed to leap at catch moths in flights

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What it look like ?

The white tree frog can measures to 10 cm .

Her color depends on the temperature and the color of the environnement ( green ,brown...)

Where it lives ?

She it native to northtern and eastern parts of Australia and southtern o new Guinea .

They are often found on windows sills or inside houses , where they eat insects attracted to lights

How it can injure people ?

These frogs are not know to be poisonious to humans or smalls animals .

-the white tree frog-

  • these species of frog can change color to some degres

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