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What is a multicultural city ?

A multicultural city is a city where we can find more than one culture, which ahave a great integration.

Where is Dallas ?

Dallas is located in the state of Texas, in south of United-States of America. With its 1,304,379 inhabitant identified in 2020, Dallas is qualified as the 4th metropolitan area of the country.

Source : census.gov

The outline of Dallas...

Here is the skyline of the shiny Cenral Business District of Dallas.

The population in Dallas

On 100 persons...

In Dallas, we can find several populations : African american, Asian...
Thanks to that, we can conclude the presence of diverse culutures and traditions in the same city.

Source : census.gov

An geographical integration

Even if White people are regrouped in the north of Dallas, we can notice that other ethinicities are mixed in the whole city. That not the perfect example, but that is better than the city of London for example.

Source : Dallas observer

An athelete : Chris Bosh

Christopher bosh is a basketball player for the heat of miami.
He is an african american born in Dallas in 1984.
Today he is a great player in the basket ball
That show around the world the multiculurialism of Dallas and everybody can have sucess in his life

Sources : Wikipedia

The various languages spoken in Dallas

In Dallas, spanish, African languages, vietnamese... languages are spoken with inglish, showing once again the presence of a multiculturalism there.

Source : Language Link

Thanks to this datas, we can conclude Dallas is a good example of a multicultural city among the cosmopolitan cities.

Nael and Alexis hope you enjoyed this presentation !