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The witch Karaba

Who Is Karaba ?


Djohodo, fetish on the roof of karaba


village of kirikou



where does his frustation and this hatred of men come from ?

Karaba is in pain and suffers day and night, without respite. Because they stuck a poisonous thorn in his spine. Men held her down while another shoved her into her back.


- His solitary, adventurous life choice is more akin to a masculine trajectory.

- his attack refers to a gang rape

- Even after being freed from her curse, Karaba maintains her independance for a short time

-Allows victims to identify with her

She ends her life with kirikou who has now ticks all the boxes of traditional masculinity

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In conclusion

-This film was released at the same time as the series which took a new turn in the image of witches

- This film therefore highlights a witch far from the archetype of a predefined witch: black in color, terrifyingly beautiful

-The director through her denounces the domination of patriarchy and gang rape, and their consequence a rejection of the male presence.

-However Karaba ends up succumbing to a man whose masculinity is traditional, which shows that the fight against stereotypes of witches was still far from over at that time.

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