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The Great Gatsby


monday, march 7th


Camille Gardere

Matthieu Larbodie



The place of women


The atmosphere of the speakeasy


The first shop they entenred


The people who attend the speakeasy


The relation ship between the three main characters


The effects of prohibition

At the 20th century, the women were not important in the speakeasy.

Yes, they could be with men but they had a job in the speakeasy: she served to entertain men by singing and dancing.
none of these women were of the high society and they could not drink.
But there were other women who are here to drink alchool and to have good time.

The place of women

The first shop they entered

The first shop where they entered was a barbershop like all barbershop.

But a secret staircase was hidden here that's why there was a lot of passage.
This hidden staircase lead to the speakeasy .

Gatsby and Mr Mile Wood Sha are friends beacause they give them nickname and they are happy to see each other.

The third character,Nick Carrasson, doesn't know Gatsby's friend and he is a little bit shy.
They enterred together in the speakeasy.

The relationship between the three main characters

The atmosphere of the speakeasy

All people in the speakeasy is cheerful.

There are some noise because of people speaking and they are agitated .
In addition to that there are lot of musics.
The atmosphere is dark because people go downstairs.
Almost of people are drunk.

The people who attend the speakeasy

The people who attend the speakeasy are very cheerful and they drank à lot of. Every people hold glasses. There are in the speakeasy, people of high and low society. They could met people and famous people. Some people are fighting, other speak or attend at the danses of the women.

the effect of prohibition il the reason of speakeasy'creation.

Because prohibition was forgiven, it was mort attirant.
But alchool was forgiven because thé government think that alchool was warning and brought at crimes. In this extract we can ses that when the two men were fighting

The effect of prohibition