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1. The effects of prohibition

2. The People who attend the speakeasy

3. The atmosphere of the speakeasy

4. The place of women

5. The first shop they entered


6. The relationship betwen the 3 main characters

The prohibition has no effects because we can see in the extract of the moovie that the people in the speakeasy drink : everyone is holding glasses and there is a bar.

The effects of prohibition

Gatsby attend the speakeasy with his good friend : Mile wood sha. There is Carraway his other friend (they don't know eachother with Mile wood sha) and the commissioner. There is mustly men in the speakeasy and wealthy people. The people are fighting and they are drunk.

The people who attend the speakeasy

The atmosphere of the speakeasy

The atmosphere is noisy, cheerful : they are singing, dancing and fighting sometimes.

The place of women

The women in the speakeasy entertain men, they are dancing , singing and they do the show.

The first shop they entered

They entered in a barbershop, a hairdress , when Gatsby meet his good friend. He introduce Carraway to Mile good sha. People talk loudly in the shop. After, they entered in the speakeasy from a little door.

The relationship between the 3 main CHARACTERS

Gatsby know everyone in the speakasy(the commissioner, Mile wood sha...) He introduce Carraway to everyoe in the speakeasy. We can understand Mile wood sha know this place whereas Carraway : we can suppose it is his first time in the speakeasy.