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1. The place of women

2. The first shop they entered

3. The relationship between the three main characters

4. The atmosphere of the speakeasy

5. People who attend speakeasy


6. The effect of prohibition

Women are there for the distraction of rich men. We see it threw the dancers and singers on the stage with very short clothes, they can also drink alcohol, act and entertain themselves as good as men does.

The place of women

At first view we see a barber shop with who mr. Mile Wood Sha is friend with Gatsby. Once in the shop we can see no differnece with other shop, we cannot doubt about a suspicous and illegal room at the back of the store. All looks good and legal.

The first shop they entered

Mr. Mile Wood Sha and Gatsby seem to have a very good relationship as well as Gatsby and mr. Carraway. This last, seem distracted about the confusing atmosphere of the place.

The relationship between the three main characters

The atmosphere in the speakeasy is very joyfull. It is crowded and noisy of all sorts of sound such as people singing, fighting, talking, screaming and even drunk person.

The atmosphere of the speakeasy

People who attend speakeasies come from the high society. We see that fully everybody is well dressed and has much more money than the average.

People who attend speakeasy

The goal of the prohibition was to reduce crime and violence threw establishing speakeasies and the selling of bootleg alcool, all measures have been cicumvented (drunk men, fighting...). Contrarely at his initial goal, prohibition triggered organized criminal rings and so an increase of violence. We can say that prohibiton has a negative aspect on the U.S.A. since the XXthe century

The effect of prohibition