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Place of Women

the first shop they entered

relationship between the characters

atmosphere of the speakeasy

the peaple attend speakeasy

the effect of the prohibition

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  • in the movie, the role of women is to entertain the men that watch to a dance.
  • they are wearing undress in the speakeasy.
  • but they are having fun with men ,it shows that this place allowed women and so that the women place is evoluing in the society


The first shop

they first entered in a barber shop that seams banal. But a door is hidded in the wall of the shop.

the atmosphere is quite buisy the barber and clients are making a bit of noise. We can suggest that the barber is the speakeasy owner.

Relationship between the characters

Mr Carrely is the neilborough and good friend of Gatsby, Mr Mile Wood Sha is Gatsby's best friend. The three men are enjoying the show and having a good time. Gatsby and Mr Carrely are well knowed in the speakeasy.

Atmosphere of the speakeasy

in the speakeasy it's a really cheerful atmosphere, there is many alchool and men having fun with women. We can see barmans that but liquors in glasses of clients.

The people attend speakeasy

In the speakeasy, customers are influent people . They know them each other and seams quite fortune and depends from the same social rank. A police officer is having part of the fun and enjoy the show in an illegual place.

Prohibition introduced a new illegal way to sell alchool, but in speakeasy liquor is drinked
disproportionately. They become popular places where people like to come having fun. As we can see, prohibition gaves a better opportunity for bandits to do illegual money on alchool.

Effects of prohibitiopn