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Missions of this job:

  • Save the children
  • Participate in monitoring of pregnant women’s.
  • Help with food and hygiene training for children.
  • Heal the children and the babies.
  • Vaccinate against major diseases.
  • Speak in English.
  • Help populations in precarious situations

Qualities and Skills of this job:

  • To be a good doctor humanitarian paediatrician, you must to be patient, calm and empathic,
  • To be a good humanitarian paediatrician, you need to be perseverant and passionate by the children and love the children.
  • When it comes to skills, you need to have medical studies and training in tropical medicine.
  • As for the required skills, you to have a good knowledge in the human body and the diseases.


  • For the debutant is 1 955,46 Dollar.
  • This profession is intended for a motivated person who like helpful.
  • If you have already made your etudes medicines and than you love a children , this job is making for you.

Humaniatarian paediatrician