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The Great Gatsby


The Great Gatsby

The place of women

The atmosphere
of speakeasy

The effects of prohibition

The people who attend
the speakeasy

The relationship between
the three main charachter

The first shop they

The place of women


The women are paid to dance and prostituate for the mens and they entertain them. They drinks like the others and are paid to have fun, this is a great job for them but it's risky because if the police see them in the speakeasy, they can go to jail.

The atmosphere of speakeasy


The atmosphere in the speakeasy is full of music and hapiness, dancing and drinking. There are a lot of liquor and a very good mood. The people have fun and don't care about the prohibition.

The first shop they enter


The first shop they enter is a hairdresser and barber, when you enter in the shop, you can ask the owner to access to the speakeasy, then, a trap is open by someone and you enter in the speakeasy

The relationship between the three main characters


The great gatsby and the man who wait in the hairdresser are very good friends, they have a perfect complicity.
But Nick and the friend of Gatsby are not very partner, we can see that Nick look strangely at the man, but Gatsby's friend is just happy to see one of his best friends and don't see that Nick is not comfortable.

The effects of prohibition


Prohibition change almost nothing to the drinking of alcohol in the United States of America, people continue to drink but they need to hide to do in case of the prohibition. In the speakeasy, the singer sing about the revolution against the prohibition, we can heard in the film "no more prohibition for more coalition"

The people who attend the speakeasy


The who attend the speakeasy buy drinking, drink, look at the women who dance, speak each other, dance and eat.
They are many type of person like boxe champion or member of the governement like senator.