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The Great Gatsby

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The first shop they enered.

Gatsby and Nick entered in a barber shop, before going in the speakeasy. The secret door to enter in the speakeasy is behind the price poster.

The relationship between the three main character:

Gatsby are friend with the moustache ("bad boy") and Nick , but Nick and the moustache don't know each other , they meet for the first time.

The people who attend the speakeasy:

We can found smuggler, men who are wealthy. What's more they are women who working (for more informaton go to "the place of women" ;)). Many men buy and drink alcohol.

The effect of prohibition :

The prohibition has no effect. Violence is not reduced because there is violence in the seakeasy. Also, the sale of alcohols is still practiced as well as the drinking of alcohol.

The Place of women:

Women had couldn't work in the beginning of the 20th centery. But in he speakeasy the women could work in the speakeasy to become waitress or dancer. It was a great advanced in the society.

The atmosphere of the speakeasy :

The atmosphere of the speakeasy is hapiness, dancing, they are musics and women who dancing. They are many alcohol and they are men who fighting. We feel that they are no rules.