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4 Seasons

  • 1st : 12 episodes
  • 2nd : 12 episodes
  • 3rd : 8 episodes
  • 4th : episodes

Approximately 20-25 minutes


Alex and Hayley Woods

2 houses


The members of the Ravens tend to be more book-savvy and brainy than their rivals; the Eagles. They don't care for sporting events and care more about logic.

  • smart
  • slick
  • scholars
  • persevering


The Eagles are often shown as being the more sporty of the two houses at the Greenhouse, preferring to win in areas likes sports, rather than read books and do maths. The Eagles are also shown to value teamwork and good-sportsmanship, but are not afraid to play dirty.

  • Sporty
  • malignant
  • proud
  • hardworking